Ever since I was a little girl, I studied and read books on how to be a good parent. Pregnant women fascinated and both scared me. Whenever I was in earshot of a group of women talking about being pregnant or the birthing process, I was all ears and would make notes to add to my collection of magazine articles I kept in a binder in my room. I never thought about or planned my wedding day, the way the media says we are suppose to do. And when they came out with a Barbie that had an inflatable stomach you could insert a newborn into, I made sure to put her on the top of my Christmas list.

Then in my teens, I discovered dance. My family couldn’t afford to send me to classes, so when I turned 16 and got a job, dance classes were the first thing I purchased. Fast forward to college, blaa, blaa, blaa…. I discovered belly dance, then irish step dancing , then hooping, then aerials, now latin dance.

It is safe to say, dance will always be apart of my life, but how does it change, evolve, and fuse when you add motherhood to the mix. I hope to explore these issue in this blog titled, BellyArtist, a nod to my belly dance background and the true artists, Mothers.

pic1 Hispanic Fest 2014-9 FelipeAbbySalsa2sm Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 12.07.17 PM


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