Weekly Menu Critique No. 1


For the past couple of months, I’ve been logging my food choices in the mySymptons Food Diary App. In an effort to move towards a gluten free, low low sugar, and whole/real foods diet, I’m going to review my progress every now and again, for my benefit and anyone else going thru a similar process.


– Tuesday and Friday I fell victim to convenience in the gluten-free category.

– I seemed to be really hungry all week and snacked frequently on the always available dove chocolates at work (at least they were gluten free). Need to bring some easy snacks to work to remedy this.

– The Tangy Tangerine multivitamin powder that I’ve been adding to my water seems to have too much sugar in it and I felt foggy most of the week. I used the garlic capsules to remedy that when it became too much.

– Also, I had some olive leaf extract to help with the itchy eye allergies that have been plaguing me the past two weeks. It really starts working within 20 minutes of taking it.

Monday, I got serious and planned out a series of dinners that fed off each other in a way that gave me a head start on future dinners.

What I planned:

Monday – Pork Roast and Rotel in the crockpot, steamed lemon Kale, and wild Rice

(save half of Pork Roast and wild Rice for WED)

Tuesday – Felipe’s Pinto Beans, Baked Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower

(save half of Pinto Beans for WED and half of Chicken for THUR)

Wednesday – Homemade GF tortillas, pork roast, wild rice, pinto beans, avocado, salsa

Thursday – Baked chicken and garden salad

What really happened:

Monday – It was Labor Day and we were driving back from visiting my family in TN, so I didn’t get to start the roast in the morning. We ate out at a Mexican Restaurant on the way.

Tuesday – I started off strong as planned. Pork Roast and Rotel in the crockpot, steamed lemon Kale, and wild Rice and we did all this while learning a new Reggaeton choreography for the upcoming Latin Festival at the Salsa Center that night. Which I am horrible at by the way.

Wednesday – Grilled Chicken and mashed cauliflower. Felipe started the beans but they needed 12 hrs to cook in the crockpot. I brought home some leftover grilled chicken from our catered Wednesday lunch at work. It was good because we didn’t have another crockpot to cook the chicken.

Thursday – We had a late cuban salsa rehearsal and I was too lazy to make tortillas, so we just ate the leftover Pork Roast and wild rice, and added the Pinto Beans.

Friday – There were no leftover anything and it was just as well because our daily hour nap turned into 3 hours and we had to rush to get ready for the Salsa Social that night and opted to try out the Local Taco restaurant down the street. Was really good but I felt rushed and I hope to try it out again tonight!

Saturday – There were no plans for Saturday. I  only got as far as planning 4 days in a row. Plus our fridge is really small, hasn’t gotten it’s growth spurt yet, so we can only fit 4 days worth of food in it. I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. I was getting dressed for my performance at BourBon Restaurant and although they provided us with pizzas and salad, I had one piece and then Felipe and I ate at the Taco stand down the street. Was surprised it was still open at 10:30 pm.

They were tipping for real at BourBon that night!
Rehearsal for our upcoming cuban salsa piece.
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