Weekly Menu Critique No. 2: Bitesize sausage egg breakfast for on the go.

Summary of week: Sugar splurge and apparently I am addicted to corn chips. Which would be fine if they weren’t cooked in nasty rancid oil. I have a goal of making my own corn chips but that’s not going to happen till we get settled in down in Florida.


What I planned:

Monday – Ground beef, rice noodle, tomato and squash bake

(save leftovers to turn into Meat loaf on Wednesday)

Tuesday – Chicken Sopa with boiled eggs, pico, and avocado

(use leftover chicken for lettuce wraps on Thursday)

Wednesday – Meat loaf, baked fries, and ceasar salad

(make extra fries to heat up on Thursday)

Thursday – Buffalo Chicken lettuce wraps and baked fries

What really happened:

Sunday – We went to evening church and stopped in early at Local Taco again. It was not as good and the chips were way too thin and broke every time I tried to dip them in the salsa.

Monday – For breakfast Felipe has been taking granola bars or cake to work and it’s not been very good for him since he’s basically a professional athlete riding 10 race horses every day. He complains of being so tired and hungry at work. So, I finally came up with a portable breakfast that he can snack on easily throughout the morning. When Felipe came home, he told me he did not get hungry at all and he had more patience with the horses. Duh! I wanted to say but smiled and said, “I am so glad.”

Sausage Egg Bites To Go

Makes 24 mini bites

Half a package of sausage

Five eggs

Grated cheese

One mini muffin tin

Butter for tin

Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Cook sausage in skillet till brown (do not drain fat). Mix in grated cheese to cool down the mixture. Add eggs and beat to combine. Grease the muffin tin with butter. Use a ladel to add mixture to muffin tin. You will have enough left over for the next day. Store in the fridge. Cook for 15 minutes or until tops are spongie to touch. Can easily be save in fridge and heated up in oven the next morning. Do not use microwave.


Tuesday – I almost started my menu plan by getting the chicken in the crock pot at lunch but got lazy after my After Work nap and just added some of the chicken to a ceasar salad before we headed off to Salsa rehearsal.

Wednesday – We were out of data on our phones so we went to the local coffee shop for 3 hours of interneting. We ended up reheating leftovers from the lunch we had at Alfalfa’s on Monday.

Thursday – At this point my menu plan is shot and I’m just cooking whatever I find in fridge. I did manage to get one of the day’s menus done today but there was nothing left over for meatloaf on another day. Final dress rehearsals for Salsa were today, impressed I cooked at home.

Friday – The Latin Festival started today. We had a performance at a local gallery hop and then headed down to the festival to meet friends and eat street food. I had way too much sugar and suffered for the next three days. But I did dance my bootie off all night and it was kinda worth it.

Saturday – The Latin Festival continues. Our official performance was today and went great. We stayed and danced to the bands afterward and had more street food but no sugar this time.

Local Taco on Limestone.
The Salsa Center’s downtown performance.
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